A Marketplace of Affordable Loans & Down Payment Assistance

As the only national nonprofit mortgage banker, Springboard CDFI is bridging the wealth gap in America by providing scaled solutions and access to capital to underserved communities and an industry of nonprofit HUD Approved Providers and Regional CDFIs. We are rolling out a comprehensive national strategy and platform that makes mortgage loans more accessible to LMI homebuyers. The SMC has high demand today and huge potential. This model will expand as fast as we can safely grow to serve all states and interested NP partners.

The demand for a national strategy to increase lending among LMI households and minority communities is strong. Among the system challenges and service gaps faced across the nation that we are addressing, are the following:

  • Most single-family lending CDFIs focus on a particular state or region
  • Lower-income first-time home buyers need affordable access to capital for all sizes and types of loans
  • HUD-approved housing counseling agencies need revenue and reliable access to a variety of loan products for their clients
  • CDFIs and niche lenders of DPA or special loans need access to better consumer-facing and back-office technology
  • Banks and capital market investors need access to this borrower profile at larger scales than one organization can deliver
Currently active in CA, AZ, TX, IL, & FL. Will be active in OR, CO, and TN by the end of 2017. Roll out in new states quarterly until we’re in all 50 states by 2022.

SMC Expansion and Acceleration of Impact

Piloted in Q2 2017, the SMC already has 16 members in contract, with 73 organizations who have expressed interest in joining in the 8 states that will be active in 2017. With partners already closing loans, we already have proof of concept that the system works and will expand the platform as quickly as we can safely grow.

  • 40 SMC partners in 2017
  • 140 partners in 2018
  • 350 partners by 2022
  • Partners see their first loans closing about 90 days after joining, then an average of 1-2 loans per month.
  • Projected to reach 525 loans a month in 2022 just from SMC partner activity

Capital Needs to Reach Full Strategic Plan

How You Can Help

Being a non-profit means that we can’t sell stock to build the equity required for a national expansion. This means that we have relied on major grants from groups like the Ford Foundation & Citi Community Development to fund the build-out of our technology, systems, licensing, funding capacity, and the many mortgage product investors available on our platform today. We need both additional grant capital and low-cost investment capital for growth.

Reach More LMI Homebuyers Through Springboard CDFI

As America’s first National Nonprofit Mortgage Banker, an investment with Springboard CDFI will reach more LMI homebuyers across the country while helping to sustain a wide network of Nonprofits.

Thank you to Our Major Funders

Citi Community Development and Ford Foundation

Freddie Mac and MUFG Union Bank